10′ x 10’ Storage Unit FAQ

Written by: StorageUnits.com Editorial Team - Published: May 20, 2024


Is a 10 x 10’ storage unit the right choice for your storage needs? Will you be able to fit the items you need in a unit of this size? How much should you expect to budget? If you are beginning your search for storage units, you may have many questions like these. The following FAQ guide from StorageUnits.com provides an overview of all the information you need to know about renting a 10 x 10’ storage unit.


How Big Is a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit?

A 10′ x 10’ storage unit is considered a “medium” sized storage unit—perfect for those who need more space than a 5 x 10’ but don’t quite have enough to fill a 10 x 20’ storage unit. These units will hold, approximately, a living room’s worth of furniture or the belongings contained in one person’s bedroom. These are only rough estimates; however, it is important to consider the amount and size of items you will be storing to determine if a 10′ x 10’ unit is right for you. 

How Many Boxes Fit in a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit?

The majority of items kept in storage units are packed away in cardboard moving boxes. Depending on the content of these boxes, they can be easily stacked on one another to utilize both vertical and horizontal space. Because you may be using a variety of boxes, it can be difficult to estimate how much your 10′ x 10’ unit will hold. However, to give you a basic idea, a 10′ x 10’ storage unit will store over 100 medium-sized boxes (approximately 20 x 20”).

What Can Fit in a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit?

Everyone has different storage needs. Before moving items into storage, evaluate what you need to be stored and what methods will work best for you. Are you storing fragile or delicate items that will need special consideration? Are most of your items packed away in boxes that can be stacked? Will you need to leave space for appliances or furniture? The following Q&As will help you visualize what common items can and cannot fit in a typical 10′ x 10’ storage unit. 

Will a Car Fit in a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit?

Unfortunately, a 10′ x 10’ storage unit is not the best option for vehicle owners. Even if you need to store only a small hatchback, for example, there simply would not be enough room to park your car in a unit of this size. For those looking for vehicle storage, the best choice would be to consider units that are 10 x 20’ or larger. 

Will a King-Sized Mattress Fit in a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit?

A good mattress may be worth holding onto throughout moves, renovations and major life changes. If you are looking to store your king-size mattress, you may be wondering if a 10′ x 10’ is the right size for you. A standard king-size mattress measures 76 by 80”; in most circumstances, these mattresses will fit easily in a 10′ x 10’ unit. If you plan ahead, you may be able to fit your box spring and bed frame into the storage unit as well. 

Can a Motorcycle Fit in a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit?

Yes, a 10′ x 10’ storage unit will accommodate your motorcycle. In fact, a unit of this size will comfortably fit two motorcycles if there is room to drive them in and out. If you are looking for a storage unit for multiple motorcycles, a 10′ x 10’ is a great option.

How Much Does a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit Cost?

Estimates from Move.org suggest a medium-sized storage unit (anywhere from 5 x 15’ to 10 x 15’) costs an average of $160 a month. As a 10′ x 10’ storage unit falls somewhere in the middle of this range, this estimate should be fairly accurate for many storage providers. However, the price of storage units can vary depending on the demand in your area; so, it is best to price a few options before making a commitment. 

How to Pack a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit

What do you need to know before packing up your moving truck and moving items to storage? With proper preparation, you can ensure your storage unit easily fits your boxes, motorcycle, mattress, furniture, files, appliances or other items. 

What Size Truck Do I Need to Move a 10′ x 10’ Storage Unit?

Usually, a personal vehicle will not be enough to move a 10′ x 10’ storage unit (especially if you are moving large furniture like a couch or king-size mattress). In order to move all of your belongings in one trip, you will need to book a moving truck. In U-Haul’s guide to 10′ x 10′ storage units, they estimate that a 15-foot moving truck should provide enough space to fill a 10′ x 10’ storage unit. So, be sure to reserve at least a 15-foot moving truck in advance to avoid last-minute issues. 

Common Uses for 10′ x 10’ Storage Units

Listed below are some of the most common situations where a 10′ x 10’ storage unit would prove useful; however, there are many reasons that you may consider renting a 10′ x 10’ unit. Everyone has different storage needs and it is important to thoroughly evaluate yours before renting.  

The most common instances in which a 10′ x 10’ storage unit would come in handy include:

  • If you are remodeling your garage into a spare bedroom, office or den, you will need a place to store the items that are currently in your garage. 
  • Employment or education opportunities may present themselves unexpectedly. If you are working or studying abroad for more than a month, you may not want to keep your current lease. In this case, a medium-sized storage unit should fit your belongings for as long as you are abroad.
  • Moving in with a significant other is an exciting change; however, merging two households into one may leave you and your partner with too much clutter. While you and your loved one begin your lives as a pair, a 10′ x 10’ storage unit can help alleviate the stress of this major event by providing a space for any extraneous and duplicate items in your household.