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Best Self Storage Units in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of 2024

Best Self Storage Units in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of 2024

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21st Century Storage - Philadelphia

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Phildelphia Drive In Storage
Philadelphia, PA 19134 (4 miles away)
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The Cost of Self Storage in Philadelphia, PA

Many factors can impact the cost of storage units, including demand, real estate costs and high numbers of part-time residents, such as students. As the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the sixth largest city in the country, Philadelphia has a population density of nearly 12,000 residents per square mile. With so many people (and possessions) packed into a small area, it’s no shock that storage costs in Philly are significantly higher than state and national averages.

The already high demand for storage space in Philly may be further increased by the city’s many institutions of higher learning. With an Ivy League college to numerous public and two-year schools, Philly is home to many students who have furniture and books to store during the summer months. Like most of the country’s largest cities, commercial real estate in Philly is also in demand, so the cost of building and operating storage facilities may get passed on to renters.

Average cost of storage units in Philadelphia, PA compared to state and national averages
Size of Storage Unit City Average State Average National Average
5×5 $56 $44 $41
5×10 $92 $64 $59
10×10 $130 $102 $95
10×15 $157 $130 $113
10×20 $236 $120 $133

What to Consider when Looking for Storage in Philadelphia, PA

There are several key factors to think about when shopping for a storage unit. Size is the first consideration, and larger spaces, such as 10×15 or 10×20 units, will typically cost more than smaller ones. Carefully considering how much space you’ll actually need can help save you money and frustration when shopping for a storage space. As a dense, urban center, access will also be a key factor when considering a storage unit in Philadelphia. If you plan to avoid car ownership and join the nearly 300,000 daily public transit riders, it may be important to find storage that’s close to your home or dorm. This can help cut down on car rental and cab costs when accessing your storage unit.

Climate control is another factor to consider when selecting a storage unit. Philly has a fairly comfortable, Mid-Atlantic climate, with summer highs peaking in the upper 80s and winter lows in the 20s. If you’re planning to store delicate possessions like electronics, it may be worth spending a bit more for a climate-controlled unit.

Helpful Tips for Moving to Philadelphia, PA

With some of the nation’s top historical sites, a vibrant arts community, four major professional sports teams and a diverse culinary scene, Philadelphia offers a lot of upside to potential residents. The city ranks slightly higher than the national average in overall cost of living, with spikes in the cost of groceries, transportation and utilities. But unlike many of America’s large urban centers, Philly ranks lower than average in housing costs.

Median home prices, in fact, are just above $153,000, which falls significantly below the national median home cost of over $230,000. Neighborhoods like Germantown and Chestnut Hill offer historic charm to potential buyers, and Fishtown and Spruce Hill buzz with up-and-coming energy that reflects the city’s diverse roots. City life isn’t the only attraction in Philly, however, as the city offers access to the New Jersey and Delaware coasts in just a few hours. Bucks County and the Poconos also offer a breath of fresh air within a half-day drive of the city.

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