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Our goal is simple. We aim to help people find the most convenient, secure, and affordable storage facilities. We created because we believe that packing and moving valuables is stressful enough – choosing a storage unit should be a simple, quick process. Our website allows you to compare the best storage options wherever you are in the United States, whether you are looking for traditional self-storage or a full-service storage and moving solution.



Take the Stress out of Storage

Our staff has personal experience with getting two-thirds of their belongings in their storage unit, only to realize that they don’t have enough space – talk about stress! That’s why we’ve created guides and how-to articles that help you determine what size of a unit you need, in addition to walking you through organizing and packing your belongings to be sure you don’t waste money on a storage unit that’s larger than what you really need.


Convenient and Affordable Storage

When you live an hour from your storage unit, accessing your valuables is a pain. However, it’s often very difficult for many people to find quality, affordable storage units nearby. Our mission is to provide an accessible list of the best storage units near you, so you can quickly find a solution that is both close to home and easy on your wallet.



Data-Driven Research

We’ve created a unique process to carefully filter the very best storage unit facilities, so you don’t have to. Our methodology includes evaluating facilities across more than 25 metrics and five main categories. We look at metrics such as companies’ average review score and whether they use up-to-date security technology, among many others.


Quick, Clear Summaries

We know you don’t have the time to click through dozens of websites to uncover the most important features of each storage unit. That’s why we spent the time digging through countless web pages to create summaries that provide key highlights about all of the companies that make it through our selection process.

Meet the Team

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    Richard Baldwin Co-Founder, Operations
    Richard Baldwin Co-Founder, Operations

    In 2010, Richard Baldwin was getting ready to jet off on a six-month sabbatical in Vietnam and needed to store his stuff. Richard started shopping around online for a storage unit. He quickly realized that there were no reliable sites that could help him in his search and he wasn’t ready to just sign up with any storage unit facility.

    This process led Richard to build a website designed with one goal in mind: To make storage simple.

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    Angela Pham Co-Founder, Marketing
    Angela Pham Co-Founder, Marketing

    Richard and Steven quickly realized that together they had many strengths, but written communication was not among them – that’s where Angela comes in. With an extensive background in marketing and journalism, Angela’s ever-expanding role is to ensure that’s product benefits as many people as possible.

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    Steven LoderCo-Founder, Product
    Steven LoderCo-Founder, Product

    A long-time friend of Richard from their college days, Steven jumped at the chance to help Richard build a successful company from the ground up. Along with his passion to create a meaningful service, Steven brought his experience in web development and design to the table, and has been a huge asset in making Richard’s vision a reality.

People We’ve Helped

  • “I was hesitant about putting my stuff in storage after moving back home. I was worried about damages and theft. I cannot express how thankful I am for”– Jen Montgomery, Boston, MA
  • “ helped me find storage that fit my needs and provided me with all the information I needed”– Lee Aldridge, Aurora, CO
  • “During a big move, the last thing I wanted to think about was finding extra storage. I wanted something close, reliable, and affordable. Thanks,!”– Marrianne Garcia, Riverside, CA

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