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Best Self Storage Units in Phoenix, Arizona of 2024

Best Self Storage Units in Phoenix, Arizona of 2024

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Public Storage - Phoenix - 841 E Jefferson St

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Public Storage - Phoenix - 2421 N Black Canyon Hwy

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Storage Sense - Washington St.

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Prime Storage - Phoenix E. Indian School Road

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The Cost of Self Storage in Phoenix, AZ

The cost of self-storage is influenced by the region’s overall cost of living, especially the cost of real estate and how many people need off-site storage solutions versus the number of units available. In college towns, for example, there may be a greater demand for short-term storage, resulting in higher monthly prices. Similarly, in cities in which real estate costs more, renting that space is also typically costly.

In Phoenix, self-storage units range in price from $42.19 to $156.82, depending on their size. Overall, costs are about 23% higher on average than the statewide range of $31-$124 and about 11% higher than the national range of $41-$133. This reflects the city’s comparatively high cost of living, which is nearly 4% more than the national average and slightly higher than the statewide average. Storage costs may also be higher due to demand. Phoenix is home to nearly two dozen colleges and universities, including four-year schools like Arizona Christian University, Grand Canyon University and University of Advancing Technology, which may result in more people seeking out short-term storage solutions.

Average cost of storage units in Phoenix, AZ compared to state and national averages
Size of Storage Unit City Average State Average National Average
5×5 $42 $31 $41
5×10 $59 $47 $59
10×10 $102 $77 $95
10×15 $136 $104 $113
10×20 $157 $124 $133

What to Consider when Looking for Storage in Phoenix, AZ

While size is an important consideration when choosing a self-storage unit, other factors like the region’s climate and risk of property crime should also influence a renter’s decision when looking for the right facility. Not all storage facilities feature climate control and security systems, but many renters who are storing environmentally sensitive or valuable items prefer these amenities.

In Phoenix, the property crime rate is considerably higher than state and national averages, which may result in a greater risk for belongings to become stolen or vandalized. Many renters seek out storage facilities that are protected with security equipment like surveillance cameras and high-security locks. The area is also prone to very warm temperatures, with average highs well over 100 degrees F during the summer. If belongings are going to be stored during the warmer months or for an extended period of time, renters may want to consider climate-controlled units.

Helpful Tips for Moving to Phoenix, AZ

The sunny city of Phoenix is most sought out for its Southwest-inspired cuisine, its luxurious spas and resorts and its championship golf courses. Summers tend to be very hot and dry, but winter and spring are mild and comfortable. While this city is a popular vacation destination, its also home to nearly 1.7 million year-round residents. Its cost of living is a little higher than the state and national average, but its real estate costs are a little lower than the statewide average, providing affordable housing opportunities for students, young professionals and families. The average commute is a little over 25 minutes, which is slightly shorter than the national average, leaving plenty of time to enjoy nearby amenities like Papago Park and the Phoenix Zoo.

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