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Best Self Storage Units in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of 2024

Best Self Storage Units in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of 2024

Book a storage unit in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today. Compare available unit sizes, prices, amenities, customer reviews, and other features of 46 facilities in the area.

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KO Storage of Baton Rouge - Florida Blvd

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Square Space Storage - Baton Rouge/ North Carrollton

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The Cost of Self Storage in Baton Rouge, LA

Larger storage units in Baton Rouge are typically more affordable than the national averages. Compared to what customers typically pay across Louisiana and the nation, 10×20 units are the most affordable in the state capital with 5×5 being the most expensive size relative to what clients across the country are paying. 

>A variety of factors contribute to the costs of storage in Baton Rouge. During the peak of the academic year, there are more than 30,000 college students between Louisiana State University and Southern University. The fact that Baton Rouge residents typically earn 19% less per year than the average U.S. resident helps explain why the costs of most storage units are less than what customers across the nation typically pay.

Average cost of storage units in Baton Rouge, LA compared to state and national averages
Size of Storage Unit City Average State Average National Average
5×5 $43 $35 $41
5×10 $48 $53 $59
10×10 $80 $76 $95
10×15 $99 $96 $113
10×20 $104 $132 $133

What to Consider when Looking for Storage in Baton Rouge, LA

On a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being high crime, property crime in Baton Rouge is rated as 66.4. Considering that the U.S. average property crime rate is 35.4, finding a storage facility with comprehensive security features is critical.

With high heat and humidity being the norm for significant portions of the year, climate-controlled storage is a must when stowing away important documents and electronics.

Additionally, it’s important to take into account Louisiana’s seasonal weather patterns and Baton Rouge’s topography. Parts of the city are known to flood during heavy rainfall from hurricanes and other storms, and with the city bordering the Mississippi River, heavy snowfall in the north can result in the river over-flowing weeks later and flooding surrounding areas as levees are toppled and spillways are opened. Obtaining storage outside of a flood zone should be strongly considered when comparing facilities.

Helpful Tips for Moving to Baton Rouge, LA

Although the average one-way commute in Baton Rouge is less than the national average, what would usually be a 20-minute drive can take as long as 75 minutes during peak traffic times. Care should be taken to avoid moving during large events such as LSU and Saints football games when traffic along I-10 experiences significant delays.

With an average annual temperature of 68 degrees, residents are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors. The city’s extensive bike lanes provide commuters a safe, economical way to travel to school and work. Additionally, Baton Rouge’s public transportation system, CATS, ensures residents have inexpensive access to the best of the state’s capital with its 30 routes running throughout the metro area.

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