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Best Self Storage Units in Vancouver, Washington of 2024

Best Self Storage Units in Vancouver, Washington of 2024

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The Cost of Self Storage in Vancouver, WA

Self-storage units in Vancouver are priced fairly close to state averages. While 5×10 and 10×15 units in the city cost a little more than Washington’s average prices, 5×5, 10×10 and 10×20 units cost a little less. When compared with national averages, storage units in Vancouver and throughout the entire state cost more regardless of size.

In general, costs in New York are higher due to the state’s overall high cost of living. Although Buffalo’s cost of living is lower than the U.S. average, storage unit prices in the city tend to be closer to the state average. Storage costs in Buffalo are also impacted by the high number of colleges in the area. Demand for storage in college towns is high as many students prefer to store belongings rather than transport them home on summer breaks. This can drive up the price of storage units.

Average cost of storage units in Vancouver, WA compared to state and national averages
Size of Storage Unit City Average State Average National Average
5×5 $49 $56 $41
5×10 $88 $78 $59
10×10 $123 $131 $95
10×15 $169 $162 $113
10×20 $160 $172 $133

The high cost of living in the city is likely the reason behind the above-average storage costs in Vancouver. The city’s overall cost of living is nearly 25% higher than the average U.S. city, and that number is primarily influenced by high housing costs that are nearly 65% above that of the average U.S. city.

What to Consider when Looking for Storage in Vancouver. WA

Property crime rates in Vancouver are above average when compared to national data. When ranked on a scale of 1 to 100, where 100 represents high crime, the city’s crime rate is 46.6, which is more than 11 points higher than the U.S. average. To prevent becoming a victim of theft and vandalism, it’s important to find a facility that offers around-the-clock security and gated access.

The city’s climate is also an important consideration to make when shopping for a storage unit. In Vancouver, the climate tends to be wetter than average. The city gets an average of 42 inches of rain each year, which is four inches more than the national average. High precipitation levels, especially during the summer when temperatures are warmer, can result in high humidity levels. As such, many people find that it’s best to search for a climate-controlled storage unit.

Helpful Tips for Moving to Vancouver, WA

When moving to Vancouver, or any other city for that matter, it’s important to consider factors such as the city’s crime rates and cost of living, which are discussed above. It’s also best to consider the city’s job market. In Vancouver, the unemployment rate is 5.6%, which is nearly 2% higher than the U.S. average, while the city’s average household income is $55,593 — $2,059 below the U.S. average. Other important factors to research include education, healthcare facilities in the city and transportation. For example, the average commute time in Vancouver is only 25.2 minutes, which is 1.2 minutes less than the national average.

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