Active Duty Storage

Written by: Editorial Team - Published: Jul 15, 2024


Relocation can be months or for an extended amount of time for active military members. In some cases you may be transferred indefinitely to a new area, which logistically can be a headache. makes it easier for military members to find storage units during their transition.

Key Point Module

  • 1 Overseas deployments or base relocations make storage units an ideal option for active or reserve military members.
  • 2 Renting a storage units is cheaper than leasing a larger housing unit to store your possessions.
  • 3 Storage units are available in various sizes. Small enough for the minimalist or large enough to protect and store your car, RV, and/or boat in a safe, secure location.
  • 4 Most storage units centers offer a military discount to your monthly or annual contract, helping reduce costs further.

An increasing number of Americans move frequently for work or family reasons, or because they are members of the U.S. military. With over 1.3 million active military members serving the United States, and nearly 900,000 in the reserves, there are many individuals and their families who need to move often for base assignments and tours of duty. This can make it difficult for them to hold on to many possessions for long periods of time . Fortunately, self storage can be a godsend for those who want to hold onto treasured items while they serve our country. Here’s how self storage can help military members keep their things: 

How Does Self Storage Benefit Military Members?

Frequent moves can make it a hassle to own a large amount of household items such as furniture, appliances, and other valuables. Often, service members sell their stuff to facilitate their moves, but this can be a hassle, especially when having to do it multiple times. Not to mention there is often sadness when parting with valued items. Those who want to hold on to their items no matter where they are assigned can place them in self storage. Here are a few concrete examples of how self storage can be a useful asset: 

Ease the Transition During Frequent Moves

When moving from one base to another, military members can hold their items in storage and remove them once they are finished changing locations. Or if there is a temporary delay in obtaining housing on the base, renting a storage unit can ensure that household items and other possessions will remain safe and sound.

Save Money on the Cost of Living

Sometimes you’re reassigned to an area where housing and other costs of living are a lot more expensive. Moving into a smaller home than on the previous base or location? No need to sell the items you want to hold on to – you can just keep them in storage and enjoy more space. 

Keep Your Car Safe

It can be difficult to find a safe and secure place to leave a vehicle when on deployment or when relocating to an area where using a car may not be very practical or necessary. Fortunately, many self-storage facilities can accommodate automobiles and other types of vehicles. Many service members opt for auto storage when going overseas. 

Enjoy Military Discounts

Many of the facilities we feature on show their appreciation for military members’ selfless service to our country by offering discounts. If you’re an active member who is looking for self storage, call us at (800) 214-6085 – we’ll be happy to help you find a facility in your area that offers military discounts. Be ready to provide military identification when asked by the facility to verify your current status.

Factors to Consider

Aside from a great price and a convenient location, there are other factors that influence the selection of a self-storage facility. Here are a few tips for military members to have the most satisfying and efficient storage experience: 

  • Those who are on assignment or who are otherwise deployed can choose a storage unit in the city they plan on returning to. Or, if retirement or other significant plans or changes are on the horizon, you can find a storage unit near where you intend to settle down, so that when you return, your items are conveniently waiting for you. 
  • Climate-controlled storage is usually a wise investment, especially depending on the location of the facility and the amount of time that you plan to leave your items in storage. Extended storage periods without climate control can increase the risk of damage from fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Climate control minimizes, if not eliminates, this risk, giving military renters peace of mind. 
  • Security is always a top priority for self-storage renters, but it is especially important when you will be unable to visit the unit for extended periods of time due to military service. Does the facility offer video surveillance, gated access, and unit alarms? Are there staff on-site 24/7, or is the facility only monitored for certain periods? Make sure to ask plenty of questions and get all the information you need to make an informed decision and keep your valuables safe, no matter where your military service takes you.